Frequently Asked Questions about The New SkyView

Q: Is there a 7" SkyView Touch?
A: No, SkyView Touch is only available in the 10" display form factor (the SV-D1000T)

Q: Will there be SkyView Touch upgrades for existing SkyView SV-D1000 customers?
A: Yes! Because the SV-D1000 and SV-D1000T SkyView Touch displays are the same form factor, one is a drop-in replacement for the other. We will have an upgrade path for existing customers for $795. Customers will need to send in their Displays directly to Dynon Avionics for upgrade. Upgrades will not be available upon launch in April, but will follow soon thereafter. Additional details will follow.

Q: When do the new products start shipping?
A: They're shipping!

Q: When does SkyView 10 software release?
A: It's out! Update your system software today (as always, for free)!

Q: When can I place orders for the new products?
A: Now!