Dynon Avionics will soon launch its SkyView Touch trade-in program. This will allow owners of SV-D1000 10” SkyView displays to exchange them for newly-overhauled (re-manufactured) SkyView Touch SV-D1000T displays for only $800. When this program becomes available, you will first need to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) from Dynon. Once Dynon receives your non-touch SkyView 10” display, its software, and all settings and licenses will be transferred to the SkyView Touch display you will receive back.

Although this trade-in program is not yet available, you may fill out the form at the bottom of this page to register your interest in this program. Note that we do expect a high level of interest in the trade-in program and it may take several months to service all displays.

Details / Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to trade-in my SV-D1000 for an SV-D1000T SkyView Touch display?


Which SkyView SV-D1000 displays are eligible for the trade-in program?

SkyView SV-D1000 displays purchased before we began offering SkyView Touch displays for sale on April 21, 2014 are eligible for this program. 

I bought my SV-D1000 right before you announced SkyView Touch. Do I still pay more than the price difference?

We announced SkyView Touch on March 19, 2014. If you purchased your SkyView display between Feb 1, 2014, and April 21, 2014 (when we actually commenced Touch deliveries), we will perform your SkyView Touch trade-in for the $395 price difference between the products. As it outlined below, the SkyView Touch display you receive back will be newly-overhauled.

What will happen after I fill out the form?

When we are ready to process units for trade-in to SkyView Touch, you will be contacted by Dynon Avionics Technical Support to arrange payment and assign a Return Material Authorization (RMA).

When will you start taking displays back for trade-in?

We don't have a firm date yet. SkyView Touch has been selling really well, so we do not yet have the additional production capacity required for handling units for the SkyView Touch trade-in program. We expect to have this additional production capacity available soon. At this point, we do not think we will be starting the program until after Oshkosh.

What exactly will I get back once I send you my display? Can I send in my SkyView right away?

You will receive back a newly-overhauled SkyView Touch display with all the settings and databases from the non-touch display you sent in. Your system display software will be updated to the latest available (at least  10.0 is required to support SkyView Touch).

What does newly-overhauled mean? What isn’t new about the SkyView Touch display I’ll receive back?

Dynon is able to offer this trade-in program by re-utilizing some of the components, such as the display and some electronics, that we receive back via this program. These components can not be used and sold in new products but can be used in unique programs like this one. The SkyView display that you receive back will have a new bezel and case. It will be cosmetically like new. The electronics will meet our most current internal revision specifications but may contain both new and re-qualified components. The LCD panel in your SkyView Touch display may be overhauled and re-qualified, but it will be cosmetically like new. All displays will go through our normal production, testing, and inspection procedures. In short, you won’t be able to tell that your SkyView Touch isn’t made from entirely new parts.

I’d really like a completely new SkyView display instead.

Instead of the process outlined above, you can trade in your SV-D1000 towards a completely new SV-D1000T for $1600. We must still receive your existing non-touch display first.

Will my SkyView display’s serial number change?

Yes, SkyView Touch is a different model name and part number, so the SkyView Touch you receive back will have a different serial number than the one you send in.

I’m not in the US; Can I send my non-Touch for trade-in through my dealer?

We have not yet determined whether or not this program will be available through dealers. We expect to have more information on this topic as we get closer to accepting SkyView displays for trade-in.

What would make my existing SkyView ineligible for trade-in?

Physical damage beyond ordinary wear. This would include scratched or cracked screens, water damage, or other physical damage. In this case we will send you a quote to cover the damage and perform the trade-in.

Once you have my display how long will it take to get back my SkyView Touch?

Our current expectations are that it will take a week or less to send back your SkyView Touch after we receive your current display. We’re still working through the production process though, so there are no promises here yet.

I don't want to have my plane down: can I have a SV-D1000T sent to me first, and then I send back my SV-D1000? Do I have to send you my existing display first?

We do need to have your display here first. This lets us transfer ALL of your settings to your SkyView Touch display and perform the trade-in in days rather than weeks. It also allows us to confirm that the display that you’re trading in is eligible for trade-in. We expect that this process will be more streamlined than our normal repair process and should only take days, not weeks, once we have your existing SkyView display here for trade-in.

What products are eligible for trade-in?

Only the SkyView 10” display is eligible for trade-in. We do not produce a 7” version of SkyView Touch, so this offer is not applicable to SV-D700 7” SkyView displays.

I have an S-LSA with 10” SkyView screens. Can I send them in for trade-in?

In the US, ALL modifications to manufactured S-LSA aircraft must be specifically approved by the manufacturer. You need to work with your LSA manufacturer to determine whether SkyView Touch is appropriate to install in your aircraft. Note that making this change without your manufacturer's approval may affect the airworthiness of your aircraft.

I have two SkyView 10" displays in my panel, but I would like to trade-in just one of them. Is that OK?

Yes. SkyView Network is designed to allow any combination of up to three SV-D700, SV-D1000, and SV-D1000T displays to work together seamlessly in your aircraft. So one SV-D1000 and one SV-D1000T will work fine.

I understand that the software version on my SV-D1000T will be the latest available when it is returned to me. My LSA aircraft hasn’t authorized firmware versions higher than v6.2. What are my options regarding a SV-D1000T?

You MUST work with your aircraft manufacturer to determine whether SkyView Touch is appropriate for your aircraft. Note that it is not possible to use SkyView Touch with software older than v10.0.

How long will the SkyView Touch trade-in program be in effect? Do I have to act immediately, or can I wait until after flying season is over to send in my non-Touch display?

This is not a “limited time act now” offer, but we do not promise it will be available forever. We'll notify well in advance before making any changes to this program.

Does my SV-D1000T come with any new warranty provisions?

If you choose the $800 trade-in towards a re-manufactured SV-D1000T display, your warranty will be the balance of your original display’s warranty or 1 year, whichever is longer.
If you choose  the $1600 trade-in option towards a new SV-D1000T display, your warranty will be the full 3 years that new displays carry.

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SkyView Touch Trade-In Interest Form

Please fill out the interest form to register your interest in sending in your 10" SkyView display for trade-in towards SkyView Touch. Once we have the ability to service trade-in requests, customers that have submitted this form will be contacted on a first come-first serve basis to open a return authorization (RMA).

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